Using and training on Citrix products

A Citrix environment does no good if users do not have their applications/desktops deployed to them. If your organization finds itself such a situation where Citrix products are present, but are not quite deployed properly, we can help with that hurdle.

Our site and user surveys, documents where your end users come from and the best route to take in order to launch Citrix sessions. If we need to leverage Citrix NetScaler in a different way, erect the application somewhere else geographically or even deploy the from the cloud, end-users need to have their application(s) delivered (deployed) to them seamlessly.

Combined with goals, objectives and a strong UAT base, we address all elements of users Citrix sessions from A to Z. Once the information is gathered, we are able to present options for a deployment. Depending on the type of deployment, we offer in-place, in-parallel or incremental (if applicable) paving the way for future deployments and taking the method of deploying and delivering Citrix to the next level.

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