On-going managed services

Any healthy infrastructure requires maintenance and operational support at one time or another. Not only is maintenance of your Citrix environment important, but keeping it properly maintained will drastically reduce the amount of Sev-0 / Priority-0 tickets that find their way into your support queues.

Staying pro-active by regularly providing the necessary on-going support for your Citrix space will better prepare staff in the event something does happen. Being prepared eliminates the far too common ‘no real sense of direction action-reaction’ approach that many companies find themselves in when surprise issues do arise. Instead, your staff will remain calm and often quickly identifies outstanding issues.

We have a range of support options when addressing Citrix managed servers. As supplement, Epioz can work on Citrix issues on a case-by-case, shoulder-to-shoulder with staff members, or completely manage your entire Citrix space. If your Citrix environment is on-prem, hybrid or 100% in the cloud, we have you covered. You’ll always know what’s going on with our weekly/monthly/quarterly/ or annually reporting, as well as the peace of mind knowing that your Citrix space is being cared for by people who are Citrix Certified.

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