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Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS)

Can you limit your business to office desktops? No, right? Gone are the days when the workforce could work only from office confinements. Offering desktops and apps as cloud services enable you to support the growing demand for Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), including tablets and smartphones.


EPIOZ DaaS supports BYOD initiatives while maintaining employee productivity and data security. Expand your disaster recovery range by delivering desktops anywhere, on any device. We offer the choice of application packaging, virtual desktops, transition, and security services. Our DaaS platform allows you to easily create multiple workspaces, customize and provision remote desktops for users, and deliver virtualized Windows applications at scale.

Hybrid Cloud Services

Moving to the cloud doesn’t depend on why but on when and how. Cloud indeed offers speed, agility, and cost savings, but maximizing its benefits requires addressing challenges like data gravity, security, regulatory compliance, cost management, and organizational change.


Hybrid cloud solutions from EPIOZ can simplify cloud complexities and accelerate your digital transformation by transforming people, processes, and technology. With us, you’ll be able to eliminate the non-cloud native apps slowing you down and move toward a unified, modern cloud strategy.

The EPIOZ Hybrid I.T. cloud allows us to share I.T. operations to give you a cloud-like experience across your entire infrastructure. Automated processes and simplified hybrid cloud management can streamline and improve operations efficiencies to focus on your core competencies.

Multi-Cloud Data Services

Enable resilient, scalable cloud-attached storage with multi-cloud access by EPIOZ. Our experts’ knowledge of several Cloud platforms is ideal for disaster recovery, cloud-based analytics, unstructured data use cases, testing, and development.


Our Multi-Cloud solutions work on a data-centric approach to multi-cloud data protection, enabling you to separate data management and management strategies across numerous public cloud providers with your data secured on a single appliance consumed as a service.


Our Multi-Cloud Services alleviate your business from system management while delivering the perks of enterprise-grade performance, data security, replication, capacity, and availability in the public cloud. Our services utilize multiple clouds of your choice and switch them whenever you want based on the application’s needs, maximizing your cloud data’s resiliency, security, and control.

Rev Up Your Business Success with the Power of Cloud

Cloud technology presents numerous benefits to your business, including agility, scale, and favorable economics. However, integrating private clouds, public clouds, and legacy I.T. environments can be a challenge at the same time. EPIOZ can help you find the perfect solution to turn your business into a valuable change agent for growth and innovation.
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