Data Center

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

VDI is the standard for many organizations by combining proven cost reductions with greater security and manageability. 


EPIOZ provides a packed solution to your Virtual Desktop migration. From system design, application delivery, and assessment to desktop deployment, security, integration, and systems management, our expertise ensures business success in one go.


Our hosted Cloud VDI Solution protects confidential network information from unauthorized remote access. Enforce client policies that can be applied to an individual user, an Active Directory group, or even end-user devices. Our virtual desktop service provides a secure, up-and-running environment while maintaining zero downtime. It also enables businesses to implement bring-your-own-device (BYOD) environments.


The benefits of managed networking services extend to small and medium businesses, helping run the applications that fuel their daily operations, enhancing communication and sharing tools, and boosting their agility.

EPIOZ designs and implements networking and I.T. infrastructure to maximize productivity, reduce operational costs, and manage complex consolidations by utilizing leading-edge technologies and industry-leading tools.


The inner dynamics of collaboration, big data, cloud computing, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), IPv6, and network virtualization are constantly changing and not easily assimilated into networks. EPIOZ help deploys, procure, and configure a complete solution for your network through our team of networking solutions professionals and our alliances with leading network providers in the industry.


Traditionally, on-premise storage solutions were used, but as they are capital intensive, cannot scale with business needs, and require specialist skills, they are now least prioritized by leading ventures.


EPIOZ Storage-as-a-Service (STaaS) enables you to access data at both officials and protected classifications securely using HTTPS from any device, anywhere, at any time.


Our STaaS provides S3 compliant object storage that functions as both ‘hot’ (active) and ‘cold’ (archival) storage.

Our model simplifies your storage process, enabling you to manage your storage resources while removing daily maintenance and administrative tasks from your plate. Through EPIOZ’s Data Storage Services, you can align your requirements with your organization so your team can focus on other priorities. 

Server Management

At EPIOZ, we manage your business server proactively and take responsibility for backup and restoring your networks in case of any disaster.


Our server design, installation, configuration, and maintenance services ensure optimal functionality and security for your business. We specialize in offering services, including Windows server management and Cloud Infrastructure Management.


With EPIOZ’s experts, you can fully trust the configuration and maintenance of your server. Keeping a finger on the pulse of technological advancements sets us apart from the competition, keeping us ahead of the game in an ever-changing world. Every week, we perform a comprehensive security audit on all of our clients, ensuring that they remain protected from vulnerabilities.


Virtualization can control workloads across data centers and reduce energy consumption and I.T. infrastructure costs.


EPIOZ provides enterprise-level implementation services, which increase productivity while reducing costs. We deliver industry-leading virtualization solutions leveraging market-leading platforms such as Citrix, VMware, Microsoft, and DELL. We can assist organizations in switching over to a virtualized I.T. environment and improving I.T. efficiency.


With our expertise, you can create a clear roadmap of cloud transition by assessing your virtualization and application modernization opportunities. With EPIOZ’s proven expertise in virtualization, you can de-risk your digital transformation, enabling an agile I.T. infrastructure and creating a modern, cost-effective, and scalable infrastructure. EPIOZ offers bespoke I.T. Virtualization consulting services that perfectly sync with the customers’ business needs. Our professionals help you in deriving virtualization benefits for all mission-critical business applications.

Rev Up Your Business Success with the Power of Cloud

Cloud technology presents numerous benefits to your business, including agility, scale, and favorable economics. However, integrating private clouds, public clouds, and legacy I.T. environments can be a challenge at the same time. EPIOZ can help you find the perfect solution to turn your business into a valuable change agent for growth and innovation.

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