Why Dell?

Dell is a market leader in digital transformation by combining virtualization, networking and cloud computing technologies that helps federal, state and local government agencies deliver virtual computing solutions and on-demand IT services for the government workforce.  Thousands of organizations worldwide rely on Citrix to build simpler and more cost-effective IT environments and virtual datacenters.

Why epioz?

EPIOZ has been providing Dell solutions to medium and large enterprises for years.  Our partnership with Dell has allowed us to master the methodologies and technology to gain technical expertise in design, implementation, and deployment of Dell solutions for various industries spanning across the US.  With over 20 years of Dell experience and multiple vendor certifications, EPIOZ is well-positioned to help provide value for our customer’s Dell environment.

Our Team

EPIOZ has over two decades of experience delivering and supporting Dell solutions through our team of highly trained specialist.  Our focus and deep understanding of the entire Dell technology stack allows us to develop best practices to ensure the continuity and support of your Dell operations.

Value Proposition

EPIOZ, empowered by Dell, helps agencies manage hybrid infrastructures with the flexibility to evolve as demand for services continue to grow.  Legacy apps and traditional infrastructures get a new life while agencies gain confidence to adopt new innovations and cultivate their workforces.,

Resources and Downloads

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